Wayland Constructive is a small hand-made operation that started in 2014 out of a desire to reclaim and repurpose wood into handcrafted works of art.  I believe in home as a place of sanctuary and that the things we put in it help tell our personal story. Wayland Constructive is currently founded, owned, and operated by Cody Wayland in Port Townsend, Washington. 

We specialize in reclamation projects and finding creative solutions to reinvigorate. reinvent and respect materials and structures with history.  For example, an old barn may become a livable rental unit, a wind-damaged tree may become a sun room, a table, or deck. We also harvest and mill our own lumber (or yours) to create products which yield the highest quality and connection between user, maker, and article. We believe in the value of using materials with history and thrive when building a story.

We are proud to be a small-scale, well-made American producer and we strive to make this evident in our work. In addition to our woodware, Wayland Constructive provides custom manufacturing and consulting services for projects with distinct dreams and specifications. Please contact us with any inquiries about our services, products, or practices.

Thank you for your support.